& He went to the sea in his carriage & horses is the latest exhibition to be held by one of our favourite Magazines, Some/Things. The exhibition features a variety of objects from the archives, in addition to those created exclusively for some/things by artists & designers as diverse as adrien dirand, amine eon amharech, aoi kotsuhiroi, arielle de pinto, bernard delettrez, bernhard edmaier, boris bidjan saberi, debra baxter, dustin edward arnold & nicholas alan cope, greg chait / the elder statesman, guidi, joseph dirand, kei kagami, michele lamy, maurizio altieri / carpe diem, nicolas andreas taralis & nora renaud, nicholas julitta, paris kain / abraxas rex, paul harnden, rick owens, & valus archiva. The exhibition will also launch a collection of some/things limite/ditions interior design objects. An ongoing project, specialising in artisanal workmanship, unique hand-finished treatments, aged metals, & woods.

Differing from the previous exhibitions, & he went to the sea in his carriage & horses will display only 3 hung artworks— a series of striking images of volcanic eruptions by bernhard edmaier. All other prints & objects will be left for visitors to discover within the specially crafted furniture & boxes.

The exhibition will also provide a glimpse into the themes & aesthetic of the upcoming some/things magazine chapter005, with adrien dirand’s stepwells series; as well as nicholas alan cope & dustin edward arnold’s putesco prints.

Exhibition opens Thursday June 23rd at Some/Things Secret, 16 villa gaudelet 75011, Paris.

Source: Some/Things