During my recent trip to Southern California for the Nike Trainer 1 summit, I was visited by Roby Jeffers and Richard Mulder down at the hotel and we had the chance to discuss their latest venture: Heel Bruise. I am sure a lot of you are familiar with the aforementioned names as these guys were extremely instrumental during the beginning stages of Nike SB; Richard, being the first team rider, and Roby, leading the charge on behalf of Sandy Bodecker and Nike, laid the foundation for what turned into a true phenomenon in sneaker and skate culture. The Dunk was brought back to life in a way that nobody could have imagined and a legitimate skate team was formed per Roby’s vision and Nike became accepted by skaters worldwide.

Fast forward to present day and the two, along with Thomas Yu, have linked up once again to form Heel Bruise. Here is a look at what the three have in store for you at fine retailers such as Supreme, HUF, BTNC, Leilow, and Barracuda.

For more on Heel Bruise, check here at www.heelbruise.com.

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