Helmut Lang’s much awaited online exhibition with Absolut Vodka has now launched. I was almost obsessed with the German designer come artist throughout the 90’s, the vision of a businessmen who couldn’t find the clothes he was looking for, having his own made for him then organically seeing the growth in demand, ending in the culmination of one of the most influential and successful brands of our time. Helmut Lang has not turned his drive to the art world, with this show just the first of many I’m sure. Cast your opinions of whether or not the transition has been successful after the jump.

“Alles Gleich Schwer” is not a statement or a final answer or question. It is about the consideration and the reflection to evaluate which weight or importance or meaning one as a single person wants to contribute in a changing world to personal, social, emotional, global and ecological or any other issues and arrangements which surrounds one or concerns one. The attribution of importance can be explored in a vertical or horizontal direction.

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