Dover Street Market have enrolled artist Taro Okamoto to curate an instore installation just for the festive season. The Holiday Explosion exhibition includes a window by Comme des Garcons, with further installations by Andy Hillman and Graham Hudson inside the store.

A range of gift products have been created using the same strong graphic and includes T-shirts, bags, scarves and accessories.

Graham Hudson

Graham Hudson has brought his vision of Christmas to DSM for December. Called “W1S 4LT 28112012” it deals with Hudson’s recurring interests in the ideas of time, collapse and the psychology of the city and is presented here as rubble collected from the surrounding streets of Dover Street Market.

The rubble was collected overnight from street holes and construction sites and is evidence of the entropic environment where permanence is an illusion and the only constant is constant change. This season’s rubble collection includes: concrete fragments, tarmac, brick, mortar, gravel and dirt.

“W1S 4LT 28112012” is a portrait of the surrounding landscape, the dreams of yesterday are marked for history as tomorrow is built upon the rubble of today – Graham Hudson.

Andy Hillman

Andy Hillman decided that instead of trying to find something to ‘decorate’ the store, he would put the focus back on to the decorations themselves.

With this as his starting point, he has transformed the First Floor and Rose Bakery with oversized candy canes and glass baubles, both with great relevance in Christmas history. The larger-than-life appearance of these decorations has a magical effect, with a forest of striped sweets on the Fourth Floor merging with the existing surroundings and extending outside onto the balcony as well as a cascade of baubles on the First Floor hut.