This September the matriarch of mature models, Hugh Hefner, will have his catalogue of pre and present published works probed by Taschen. The collection is six volumes that include Hefner’s early comic collections from his younger years. The set timelines his magazine triumphs of 25 years from 1953-1979. The six volume set is limited to 1,500 copies all numbered and signed by Hugh Hefner. Maintaining Hef’s luxury persona to the very end the volumes are packaged in a Plexiglas box.


Over 700 pages of autobiographic text describe his early work, girlfriends, cartoonist attempts, and Playboy beginnings. Of course, true to Playboy, there is the largest catalogue of Playboy photos including mounds that are unpublished. Alongside the hefty amount of visual information that is crammed into each page there is a 1,300 dollar price tag.



Thanks TL.