I AM PACKED is a new website by Air New Zealand and creative agency POST CREATIVE (Which just so happens to be my Agency FYI).

The site’s concept is that of showcasing how you travel and what you bring on your travels. We all travel a lot within this culture, whether it be for shopping, work, vacation or just education, what you bring with you can make or break a trip and some of us have real ‘what to pack’ rules.

Air New Zealand is commonly regarded as the best airline in the world, their recent ‘spaceseat’ design is award winning and proves again their forward thinking attitude.

Above all though, this is a great concept and something fun for you when you’re travelling – whether you want to submit your own entry or look through others entries.

The site is live now and includes entries from the likes of Aaron Rose, Eugene Tong, Rike Doep, Erik Brunetti and others – we’d love to see your bags!


Any questions or comments email me directly ; adam@post-creative.com

2 Responses

  1. Hank

    Speaking of forward thinking attitude, Didnt hypebeast already do an article like this? How original.