Hot off the heels of Gardner 10th by Michael Lau extravaganza De La Barracuda Gallery presents exhibition of new works by Tim Biskup & Matt Goldman “I Hate Everyone But You” opening on November 13th. “Los Angeles native, Tim Biskup has been strangely absent from the LA art scene since his last big solo show at Billy Shire Gallery back in 2007. Has he been avoiding his home town? He’s been working hard, without a doubt, with exhibitions in NYC, Paris, Barcelona, Tokyo & Taipei in the last few years. But, what about us poor SoCal fans? There have been mumblings about a triumphant return for some time, but no official word. Now this! Tim & his pal, designer/promoter/man-about-town Matt Goldman are going to take over the massive Barracuda Store on Melrose. Is this it? Tim’s new LA show? Well, yes, and no. It’s going to be a bit more like a retrospective with some new work thrown in. But, judging by the pre-show info put out by Mr. Biskup’s people this could be the artist’s biggest LA show yet! Several large-scale sculptures are being included, some of which have never seen the light of day. New paintings, lots of gems from the TB archives and more than a few surprises! Add a healthy supply of Mr. Goldman’s eye-popping silk-screened prints and an enormous wall-piece and you’ve got more than enough to overwhelm even the most jaded hipster! We won’t even mention the mob-scene that the opening party is sure to be.”

“I Hate Everyone But You”
Tim Biskup & Matt Goldman
Nov 13th – Dec 3rd, 2009
7-10 pm
De La Barracuda
7769 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA. 90046


“Exit Strategy” By Tim Biskup


“Dagger Birds” by Matt Goldman