Just days ago we gave you a small insight to this latest project from VNGRD at the I Thought I Was Alone, a space dedicated to a new generation of photographers. The project entitled “This Is All I Came To Do” was created by Lele Saveri, a photographer and also the photoeditor based Vice Italy. In a great collaboration and pur instinct, he found his confidant at Vice in Serena Pezzato who works as the managing editor.

Its intent is not only to supply a curated window for up and coming photographers, but also for photographers who are already professionally involved in the business and who need an outlet for “personal projects”. In ITIWA, there are no guidelines for technique, aesthetic, nor content. The aim is solely to show beautiful things. As an old milanese poem states, “Curiosity put eyes in the body of human beings” and not the institution of art, thank god.

“This is all I came to do” is ITIWA’s first project. The show was launched back in July in London. ITIWA wanted to introduce the arc of photographers who participated in this project. With this first show they published their first zine.

For the show during Milan’s Fashion Week, ITIWA set up at VNGRD, their good friends’ showroom. For this show they presented two limited edition t-shirts (15 pieces each, all numbered). One with Carlotta Manaigo’s photograph and the other with Stefan Simikich’s. This concludes the final phase of “This is all I came to do”. The show itself will run till the 4th of October.

In October, ITIWA will start putting together a new project. It will be ready in December 2008.

We could tell you what type of photos these photographers take, where they were born, where they went to school, or for what magazine they have shot for, but what would have been the point? You can’t describe
a picture in words. Just live it. We prefer to reflect on these people, telling you what we like about them, what makes them special, and by consequence what makes their photographs beautiful.

Carlotta Manaigo is just like her landscapes: calm and reassuring. She is a simple person, but complicated in her simplicity. At five o’clock in the afternoon, she likes to have a coffee and eat a cinnammon and apple pie, all the while chatting with a friend about haunted houses and antique furniture. She has a very soft voice and she likes the sea.

Stefan Simikich is the king of black and white photography. And when I say King, I’m not bullshitting. He can talk about density and pre-exposure with the same enthusiasm we talk about the new Lil Wayne album. He’s the type of guy who got offered a bad paying job at a fancy magazine, but decided to keep his job as a house painter. Now he makes more money and buys all the chemicals he wants. Check out much more over at Here You Are Now and Burger World Chronicles.

The tees are available also thru VNGRD online store, The Steal while you take get a feel for the space below.