After taking a stab at breathing new life into vintage Toyota FJ as well as Jeep CJ models ICON has now turned their attention to the classic Ford Broncos as the canvas for their hardened utility reinterpretations. The Broncos’ lineage makes it the perfect continuation of the Icon line. Having only an life line of 12 years the initial compact models have become somewhat of a holy grail to car enthusiasts who seek the Broncos’ for their quality build, as well as no frills aesthetics. Ford truly showed proper restraint when first concieving the Bronco which has allowed its shelf life to last way past some of its predecessors. Nike also had a hand in helping to develop the new BR as ten designers, engineers, and fabricators were brought in from Nike R&D lab, the kitchen to work on each individual component in each vehicle. The truly stunning BR will have starting price of $150,000.