The latest installment of the Curated by Arkitip project with Incase and this time round New York-based HunterGatherer. The brainchild of Todd St. John, HunterGatherer is an award-winning design, illustration, animation and production studio. St. John and frequent HunterGatherer collaborator Gary Benzel created the woodgrain pattern and have applied it to products ranging from furniture to skateboard decks. The signature design has been reintroduced for Curated by Arkitip, ornamenting two products by Incase: the MacBook® Sleeve and iPhone™ Slider Case.


According to St. John, HunterGatherer “often creates things that have a ‘naturalness’ to them, but in many ways design is anything but. The woodgrain pattern is an expression of that thought: a purposefully fake version of something natural. I also enjoy seeing it as a wrapper for a concentrated brick of technology.”

HunterGatherer is known for its spare, but inventive projects, often combining experimental and hand-built techniques with more complex methods. Since 2000, HunterGatherer has stayed decidedly small, focusing on a limited number of assignments across a wide range of mediums. The HunterGatherer products for Curated by Arkitip add to the studio’s body of work, which include a number of animation projects for clients such as Nike, VH1 and The New York Times T: Magazine, as well as ongoing work for New York City’s green initiative, GreeNYC.


“Although our aesthetic and that of HunterGatherer represent differing points of view, we feel that the juxtaposition is rather symbiotic, representing the contrast between machine made and natural world,” stated Damon Way, Incase Chief Brand Officer. “The organic-themed aesthetic of HunterGatherer’s work enhances our products by taking the cases in a visual direction not often found in technology-specific products.”

The HunterGatherer 15” Sleeve for MacBook Pro and HunterGatherer Slider Case for iPhone 3G S and iPhone 3G are available today at and with availability following shortly in select Apple retail stores and better boutiques.