INDEPENDENT RITES is an installation that consists of 4 Video works on ritualistic behavior in various forms from Harmony Korine, Matthew Stone, Klara Lidén & Hanna Lidén, Jonah Freeman & Justin
Lowe and will open at V1 Gallery on December 2.

Harmony Korine U.S (b.1973)
Curb Dance (2011) sees Harmony Korine delivering a new style of tap dancing. While dancing away,
Korine explains about his passion for the self-invented urban sport, which shares trademark lingo with
other “urban sports”. Critically acclaimed auteur, artist and author Harmony Korine has had a great
impact on independent art throughout the past decade. He has recently directed the short film Umshini
Wam (bring me my machine gun) in collaboration with the South African band Die Ant Word, his latest
feature film Thrash Humpers received the CPH DOX AWARD in 2009.
Matthew Stone U.K (b.1982)
In Bodies (2011), bodies float, full of life, in a silent weightless choreographed ritual. Akin to Stones
earlier work there is an element of shamanistic practice in the piece. Bodies has an almost hypnotic
effect, you loose yourself in fascination of the human body. Matthew Stone currently has a solo
exhibition at The Hole in New York. He has recently taken part in Performa 11 and created an
installation for the Orientale exhibition at this year’s Venice Biannual. The Sunday Times has named
Matthew Stone the most influential British artist under 30. Matthew Stone will have his second solo
exhibition with V1 Gallery in 2012.
Klara Lidén SE (1979) & Hanna Lidén SE (1976)
In Techno Battle (2007) the two Swedish sisters engage in a destructive ritualistic game of dodgeball.
The work projects equal measures of apocalyptic comedy, anti status quo rage and punk relief. Both
Hanna Liden and Klara Liden have received praise for their work. Klara Lidén has just been awarded
the special Carnegie Award Grant, recently exhibited at Serpentine Gallery, London, The Venice
Biennale and Moderna Museet, Stockholm. Hanna Lidén has recently shown at Maccarone, New York,
and Salon 94, New York.
Jonah Freeman U.S (1975) & Justin Lowe U.S (1976)
A Selection of Pharmaceutical Advertisements from the San San International (2011) is a hallucinatory
apocalyptic infomercial, in equal measures disturbing and soothing. The work is a visual trip through
new age consumerism fueled by the powerful psychotropic drug Marasa – Haitian for the sacred twins
of voodoo. It was recently, November 2011, included in Freeman and Lowe’s performance at The
Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles. Freeman and Lowe have received critical acclaim for their
large-scale installations Black Acid Co-op, Hello Meth Lab in the Sun and Bright White Underground.

V1 Gallery / Flæsketorvet 69-71 / 1711 Copenhagen V / Denmark

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