“Infinity” was a group exhibition of artists whose practices or aesthetics related to the many facets of the infinite. The Vastness of this concept was explored through painting, drawing, photography, and 3D multi-media installation. The subject matter as well as the medium varied greatly. Some artists’ work was a more literal representation of this subject, suggestive of such things as mathematics, space, time, technology, abstraction, pattern, or repetition, while others chose to address the opposite or “finite”, such as fragility, mortality, the temporary, and even doomsday scenarios.

The show featured original work by: Ryan Travis Christian, Richard Colman (appears courtesy of New Image Art, LA), N. Dash, Noah Davis (appears courtesy of Roberts and Tilton, LA), Chris Duncan (appears courtesy of Baer Ridgeway, SF), Andres Guerrero, Joseph Hart, Andy Diaz Hope (appears courtesy of Catherine Clark, SF), Xylor Jane (appears courtesy of CANADA, NYC), Butt Johnson (appears courtesy of CRG gallery, NYC), Chris Natrop (appears courtesy of Taylor de Cordoba, LA), Aaron Noble, Hilary Pecis (appears courtesy of Triple Base Gallery, SF), Andrew Schoultz (appears courtesy of Roberts and Tilton, LA), Ryan Wallace (appears courtesy of Envoy Enterprises, NYC)