This video features Interview Magazine Russia’s Editor in Chief Aliona Doletskaya and her beautiful home in Moscow. The Russia edition is the first International edition of the magazine founded by Andy Warhol 42 years ago. In the video she discusses herself, Leonardo Dicaprio, and the new generation of free-thinkers in modern day Russia.

A Russian Interview on

Who is the one person (alive or dead) you would most like to interview?
Leonardo da Vinci. Leo = my weak point.

What question should you never ask in an interview?
Who is your favorite designer/artist/poet/musician, etc.

Who is your favorite Interview magazine cover star of all time?
See my answer to the question above.

Describe briefly your worst ever interview experience.
I learn fast on failures and then forget them.

What drink do you like to offer your interviewees?
Find out what they love beforehand and then adjust.

“Off the record” means…
Minus a good answer on this interview, plus one good question on the next.

The best icebreaker at an interview is…
Drinking, fainting or tripping over something and falling into the hands of the talent. Or smiling.

The best place to conduct an interview is…
Any place without people around.

You can tell the person you are interviewing is lying when…
Something appears in their eyes—but lies can also make a nice interview.

The best tactic for teasing out a confession from your interviewee is…
To confess yourself.