Street artist Space Invader, who is reknown for making his mark around the world with his ‘invasions’ currently has his work on showcase in the “Insiders, Outsiders & The Middle” exhibition at LA’s Culver City Installation Gallery. So it was great to have friend of SlamxHype Yevgeniy sit down with the ‘Invader’ and find out a bit more about the man.

Yevgeniy: How should i address you and please introduce yourself.

Invader: I am Invader from

Yevgeniy:Have you heard about Galaga 2 video game?

Invader: No I don’t know about Galaga 2.

Yevgeniy:Good, no one should know about it. What is your favorite city to invade and one to relax if you do so?

Invader: Since I’m doing my city invasions I do not relax anymore when I’m traveling. I just Invade! The Kathmandu and Indian invasions I did a few month ago were maybe my favorite ones because it was like invading another planet.

Yevgeniy:Various people find your tile invaders and then take them down for their collections or even for sale. What is your take on that?

Invader: I would recommend they buy tiles in a tile store because they would have a better result with no broken tiles.

Yevgeniy – That’s true. Over the years one of my favorite tiles in LA is the one on La Cienega / Wilshire in the middle of the road. It’s been taken down and then put up again various times. Are you planning to put it back up again?

Invader – Yes, there was a car accident there and then the pillar with the piece on it was moved by the city.  When a piece disappears I sometimes put it back; the exact same piece at the exact same spot.

Yevgeniy – What is the biggest and the smallest Space Invader tiles?

– The biggest I ever did with tiles is on Melrose, It is still there but a bit hidden by trees.  The smallest were made with micro mosaic tiles, and I put some like that in several cities.

Yevgeniy – With so many artists these days take on commercial work. Have you been asked or doing something like that?

Invader – I have been asked many times, but I have not done it yet.   I wait for a good opportunity, to do it with a company I like and in a coherent way.

Yevgeniy – Thank you for the honest answer.What sort of your art work can we expect at “Insiders, Outsiders & The Middle” exhibition?

Invader – I have presented 4 different pieces showing the different aspects of my recent works, there is a QR code (new generation of barcode that you can read with a mobile phone) made with tiles, a Dalai Lama Rubik cubist portrait made with Chinese Rcubes, an Invaded road sign and a cardboard sculpture.

Yevgeniy – Got to ask an obligatory question here. What is next for you?

Invader – I’m working on several projects and shows coming soon, like the invasion of a museum in Europe, but I generally don’t speak about my projects and invasions to come before having done them, stay tuned ….

Can’t wait to see new work from you and thank you so much for taking the time off from Invasion to talk to us!