Our very own James Wong had a chance to interview New York-based photographer Angela Boatwright for this latest installment of Introducing. Angela has amassed an amazingly prolific catalog of images that has come as a result of her work with some major names in the fashion and music world. She has photographed everyone from Santo Gold to The Strokes to Kanye West and has done work for companies like American Express, Converse, Rock Band (the video game) and Urban Outfitters. We are very pleased to bring you this interview, so come inside and check it out.

When was the first time you picked up a camera?
I know to-the-month when that was honestly – myself and some friends went to see this glam metal band called Vain in April, 1990 and I bought a cheapy point and shoot camera at Gold Circle to document the whole thing.  It was the guitar player’s (Jamie Scott’s) 24th birthday that day and myself and best friend, Meagan baked a cake in the shape of a snake for him. I still have the photos, want me to scan a few and send them to you? They’re hilarious.
Tell us about Angela Boatwright, what does it mean to be a photographer to you?
Holy shit, I have no idea. I like taking photos – at this point I don’t know why but I’m obsessed. I guess I like to document my life through the people I choose to surround myself with. 

When taking pictures photos of people, what is your way of getting them to freely express themselves?
hahaha…  if any of my assistants are reading this they’re laughing right now. I say the most insane shit – just try and get people to forget they’re being photographed. I talk about animals a lot, tigers, the walrus – I’m a huge fan of sea life. This sounds weird as shit, I know but it so works….

Which is your favourite piece/collection of work?
My favorite photo that I’ve taken? Jesus christ – I mean there are a bunch! I’ll attach a few personal images that I’ve taken over the past 2 months. Those are the shots that are coming to mind first. In addition to the attached new work – this image comes to mind….

This is Nick Lane at age 14. He's an incredible guitar player - he's 17 now but he was shredding super hard at 14 too.

This is Nick now -- age 17.


Do you think morality has its place in contemporary photography?
Morality – each individual photographer can do whatever they want I suppose. I don’t think I’ve spent a total of 8 minutes of my life worrying about morality really.

Comtemporary photography always seem to place people on the fringes of society as the subject matter, often highlighting social issues, subcultures and unveiling things that are often overlooked in the society, where do you find inspiration ?
Well, I shoot people that I know, that I’m psyched on, that are serious and passionate. When I come up with an idea for a fashion story for example I tend to pull most of my ideas from music – old music videos, books, ideas etc. The one re-occuring thought in my mind is that people need to spend less time doing what they’re told and more time doing what they feel is right for themselves. I try to focus on people that don’t give a fuck for the most part.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
Who knows. I’m as open as I’ve ever been at this point in my life and am very aware that things could change in a second. 

What do you think you would be doing if you were not a photographer/creative director?
That’s the easiest question so far! Playing guitar. For sure, absolutely no-doubt-for-sure.

That concludes our interview with Angela Boatwright.  You can see her work at her site, and be sure to check her blog as well for the latest happenings. In the meantime, check out these images from her down below.