This week’s Introducing puts the spotlight on a collective of artists from Portugal known as Clash Collective. Clash Collective recently put on a 3-day exhibition entitled, “The Purple Cycle,” in Lisbon that showcased the members’ work that encompasses many aspects of street art. A wide variety of techniques and materials were utilized during the show including canvases ranging from custom toys, a van, footwear, glass work, photography and the traditional white canvas. The show gave the crew a chance to assemble and put on a display for public viewing that featured completed works, as well as live demonstrations of the team in action.

According to Clash Collective member, Naked, the inpiration behind the title was to create a feeling of coherency since each member’s style varies, the color purple was something that provided a central theme to unify them. And as you can see from the photos below, purple is definitely the dominant color throughout a majority of the works. The entire experience of the show was documented by Lars Jansen, who did a fantastic job of covering this labor of love from its beginning stages through the culmination.

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