This week’s Introducing features London-based artist Will Barras. I have been following Barras’ work quite a bit this year and even checked out a show he had in Los Angeles at the Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art. At that very show entitled, An Absolut Shower, I saw his works and his distinct style that I had heard so much about first hand. Shortly after that, I caught glimpse at the list of participating collaborators for the Oakley Artist Series program that was implemented this year. Barras’ name was on there along with other great names such as Barry McGee, The London Police, Todd Francis and many more. Hearing about his involvement and knowing that he would be doing a Montefrio sunglass for the eyewear juggernauts excited me. I knew his style and work would make for an interesting piece of work for Oakley.

Here is an image of what will be coming out in January of next year. You can really see Barras’ work shine as it is emblazoned on the packaging, the sunglass bag and most importantly, the sunglass itself.

Will Barras Oakley Artist Series Montefrio

Will Barras Oakley Artist Series Montefrio

In addition to taking on many commissions, as he is a very sought after artist when it comes to the commissions game, he has exhibited all over the world along side many great talents. When Barras is not on the road showing and painting, he is a director at an animation company called Bermuda Shorts, which also boasts an impressive resume of clients the likes of Budweiser, Bayer, Volkswagen, Coca Cola just to name a few. It is clear to see that Will Barras is thriving and his work continues to impress and looks like it will for years to come. Check the gallery down below to see some examples of his work and be sure to check the links below that see more from this great artist.

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Bermuda Shorts: Will Barras

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