Van de Weghe Fine Art will have its inaugural show featuring paintings by Jean Michel Basquiat. Numerous paintings from the artist will be on display in a show that opened last night with it running through December 20, 2008. Check inside for more information.






“The current exhibition brings together a number of important Basquiat canvases, several of which are

mounted on visibly-tied wooden supports, rather than on conventionally fabricated stretchers. The

frankly handmade stretcher signifies, like Basquiat’s paintings on doors, fences, and other found

elements, the passion and immediacy inherent to his process . Each of the works on view also

embodies critical elements of the best of Basquiat’s paintings.


Busted Atlas 2, 1982, combines his

trademark crown with a grotesque and intriguingly fragmented figure, while


Black Athlete, 1982, and

Red Man One,



1981, are dominated by emotionally charged, full figures with skulls exposed. Hoax,

1983, which makes potent use of text with Xerox collage, and


Aopkhes, 1982, make literary and pop

cultural references that profoundly inform Basquiat’s work. The viewer gains insight into Baquiat’s

psyche; bits and pieces of the artist are exposed in each gesture on the canvas.”

Thanks to Nylon Guys for information.