Incase you haven’t already noticed, here at SlamXHype we are particularly fond of the name James or people named James. Especially the case when they are Aston Martin-driving, world-saving, womanizing, building-jumping, bullet-dodging, gadget-packing, Omega watch-wearing British secret agents. Which is why we are absolutely astonished by this second trailer release of the highly anticipated new 007 James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace

The sequal to Casino Royale will feature once again Daniel Craig (playing James Bond), along with names such as Judy Dench (M), Jesper Christensen (Mr. White) and Ukranian-model Olgy Kurylenko (Bond Girl).

Quantum of Solace is scheduled to premier in UK cinemas on the 31st of Oct, While the US audiences will have to wait for another 2 weeks for the release on the 14th of Nov.

Take a look at the trailer below. Or visit the official website here to view it in High-Definition along with a look at the storyline and wallpaper downloads.