Ever wondered what Tom would have done to Jerry if he ever actually caught him? Well, UK artist James Cauty is currently hosting an exhibition till the 8th of November at The Aquarium Gallery in London that shows you just that. Dubbed the Damien Hirst inspired title ‘Splatter: the plausible impossibility of death in the minds of cartoon charcters” James Cauty has taken the comedic violence from these Warner Brother cartoons to the next level, in a visual depiction of the gruelsome acts that these characters will perform on their cartoon enemies. I’ve long been a fan of Tom & Jerry, and to see Jerry actually get caught and physically harmed both 3-dimensionally and in cartoon is certainly refreshing to say the least. (Considering the amount of close encounters and the indestructable nature of this little cartoon rat), Take a look at the images below courtesy of mashKulture