All the more relevant with the recent London Olympics been and gone, London-born photographer James Deavin presents a new series of work, titled, The Games We Play. Deavin has been shooting used but empty sports venues across the UK and US for the past five years, evoking a sense of function, stillness, and loss. Deavin says, “Setting out to photograph such places, I decided to portray them as simply as possible. Therefore, the photographs are not manipulated in the darkroom or on a computer. The photographs were shot in available light if indoors, and in flat light if outside.” This allows the viewer to see the venues for what they really are; purpose built constructions for our pleasure which rely on human activity to give them life, although strangely enough they do seem to possess character, as if they’re just hanging around waiting for someone to play with. The four images above, taken from The Games We Play, are available to purchase online as prints.