Jean Charles de Castelbajac has been at the pinnacle of fashion design, fusing together many aspects of contemporary art usually creating hysteria. Paradise Row in London have opened their doors to Jean Charles de Castelbajac and his first solo exhibition entitled “Triumph of the Sign” culminating in a must see.

“In Triumph of the Sign, Castelbajac presents a series of paintings that articulate his fascination with, broadly, the tensions and synergies between high art and consumer culture, and most specifically that defining element of contemporary visual culture – the brand logo. In a process that mirrors the production of mass-consumer goods, Castelbajac commissioned painters in China to perfectly reproduce a series of Western masterpieces, from Bronzino to Manet, and another group to paint logos on the surfaces of the copied masterpieces. The resulting works ironically embrace a flattening of hierarchies, a breakdown of distinctions and an evacuation of content.”

Paradise Row Gallery
17 Hereford Street
London, E2 6EX
P+ 44(0) 20 7613 3311
April 3rd – May 2nd, 2009

Thanks to Dazed Digital for the info.