News of Kia’s The Soul Collective project has been out for a while now, which you can read more about below, but essentially thought leaders and influence such as Jeff Staple and Jannelle Monae were brought in to bring about awareness for the new 2010 Kia Soul. We can reveal exclusively today the Rain Camo car designed by Jeff Staple.





Kia Motors Presents The Soul Collective : a nationwide program geared toward creating awareness around the all-new 2010 Kia Soul -one of its most popular, stylish and intriguing vehicles. The collective is comprised of some of today’s hottest artists, thought leaders and influencers including designer Jeff Staple and musician Janelle Monae, among others. For the program, the participating members will generate original free content demonstrating “how they roll,” including original films, games and music. The original content will begin this month and be released throughout the year. More info will be released via Kia’s twitter as well as facebook.

The official Kia Soul Collective includes:

+ Film – Jonas & Francois

French directing duo best known for directing videos such as Justice’s “D.A.N.C.E.”, Kanye West’s “Good Life”, Madonna and Justin Timberlake’s “4 Minutes”

+ Entrepreneur – Jeffrey Kalmikoff from Threadless
Co-Owner and Advisor of the most successful community-centered online apparel store

+ Music -Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae is a Grammy Award-nominated singer, songwriter, and performer.

+ Design – Jeff Staple

Owner, Staple Design, STAPLE & The Reed Space

In support of the Kia Soul, kicking off this month is “The Soul Collective”: a nationwide campaign to include original exclusive content and a 10-city live tour that starts this week in Seattle. Check out details and tour dates below.

Official Dates for the 10-City Tour:

08/20 – 08/23 Seattle, WA

08/27 – 08/30 Phoenix, AZ

09/10 – 09/13 Chicago. IL

09/17 – 09/20 Washington, DC

09/24 – 09/27 Philadelphia, PA

10/01 – 10/4 Miami, FL

10/08 – 10/11 Atlanta, GA

10/15 – 10/18 Boston, MA

10/22 – 10/25 New York, NY

11/5 – 11/8 Los Angeles