This week saw a new survey of work by US conceptual artist Jenny Holzer open at the Baltic Centre For Contemporary Arts in Gateshead, UK.

This exhibition takes place over the two largest galleries of perhaps the most impressive art spaces in the world (a former victorian flour mill with a glass tower – Google it), this is the first major collection of Holzer’s work in the UK and takes n elements from throughout her 30 year career, including  paintings, sculptures and her spectacular LED installations.

Originally starting her artistic career as an abstract painter, when she moved to New York city in the mid 70s Holzer started working with text and the written word, and it this she has become best known for – using provocative and political phrases and prose distributed to the public through a selection of mass media from fly posts to T-shirts, condom packets and even an LED billboard in New York’s Times Square.  When transposed to a gallery it gives the works a completely new context where viewers are confronted by startling, anonymous messages that present multiple points of view and ways of being.

This exhibition includes works from throughout the last thirty years of Holzer’s career.   It features LED signs, sculptures, and paintings, that embody Holzer’s thirteen text series (of Truisms and Inflammatory Essays), as well as poetry and writing by others, plus in her most recent work government documents to quite literally shed light on the human rights abuses and war crimes of the US administration .

Jenny Holzer is at the Baltic Centre For Contemporary Arts until 16th May.

Images Baltic and the Guardian.