Yuka Tsuruno Gallery is set to present PROSE, its first solo exhibition by New York-based artist Jose Parlá. The show will open at a new venue for the gallery in art space TOLOT/heuristic SHINONOME, established in Tokyo this month.

Parlá will bring his uniquely expressive painting style to the gallery, combining his signature observations of urban graphology, elements of deconstruction, fragmented lettering, dynamic found phrases and other writings. The artist has summarized the work to be included in this exhibition as an exercise in stream of consciousness; “a rhythmic structure that carries the energy and poetic painting body in flux with dance”. This is defined by memory brought into action in its own moment – imbedded in an improvisational blend of performance. Founded on research and observation, this forms visual compositions that evoke a metropolitan narrative and present an objective truth.

Running between March 21 and May 18, 2013, PROSE will consist of paintings on canvas, while a 15-meter mural that Parlá made during his stay will be shown in two gallery spaces.

YUKA TSURUNO GALLERY / 2F 2-9-13 Shinonome / Koto-ku Tokyo 135-0062 / Japan