Jose Parla discusses his artistic influences and provides viewers with an explanation of how his style has developed in this interview with Hugo Vitrani for Mediapart. As the artist explains, a background in both traditional Brazilian and break dancing contributed to the movement manifest in his paintings, while growing up without the luxuries he now has meant that he never saw the need to paint ‘pretty pictures’, preferring to re-interpret the gritty realities seen in the back alleys and tunnels of his immediate urban environment. Parla goes on to explain how he and his brother were searching for meaning in the ‘ruins of society’ – a notion which is apparent in much of his work. Building on these topics, the artist talks about his Wrinkles of the City project with JR, and the ways in which he feels graffiti culture has been corrupted by marketing. As his work and life progresses, Parla begins to experiment with techniques based on deep philosophical concepts that relate to his environment. Take a look at this insightful interview above.