Here is a fascinating new book from Czech photographer Josef Koudelka entitled ‘Invasion 68 Prague,’ a collection of nearly 250 images from a pivotal week in his life. In conjunction with this publication, and on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the invasion of Warsaw Pact tanks in Prague, Aperture Gallery and Pace/MacGill Gallery a selection of the images culminated in a large-scale exhibition which opened earlier in the month.

“Two days after Czech photographer Josef Koudelka’s arrival to Prague, Warsaw Pact tanks invaded his nation’s capital. Thirty years old at the time, Koudelka had only recently taken on photography as his full-time profession. He had never worked as a news photographer before, but that soon changed on August 21, 1968 when he set to the streets in order to document the tumultuous events taking place during the first week of invasion. Amazingly, Koudelka was able to smuggle his photos out of the at the time communist country. They were immediately published anonymously in The Sunday Times Magazine. In order to protect himself from Soviet authorities, Koudelka was unable to claim authorship of the photos for nearly sixteen years”.

The exhibition of Koudelka’s photographs will run at Aperture Gallery, New York from September 5th through October 30th, 2008. The companion show will run at the Pace/MacGill Gallery, New York, from September 4th through October 11th. Invasion 68 Prague is available at Aperture Foundation. For more information visit Aperture Gallery or Pace/MacGill Gallery.

Thanks to Tokion for the info.