Hey there, This week we have super illustrator Josh Cochran, Josh and I went to Art Center around the same time. He’s a great guy and his career is taking off, so keep an eye out for his work, because it’s everywhere. Josh grew up in Taiwan and California but currently lives in Brooklyn with his lovely wife Jenny and his small dog Porkchop. He takes the subway everyday to his studio, an old pencil factory in Greenpoint. His drawings are commissioned by a variety of clients in broadcast, books, magazines, and advertising. He has received awards from several publications and organizations including:

Print Magazine’s New Visual Artists (read), The Art Director’s Club Young Guns 6
Silver Medal from the Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, 3×3 Mag,
Society of Publication Designers, Luerzer’s Archive and was recently featured on
the cover of Communication Arts (read). Occasionally, he exhibits his work here
in the States as well as abroad.

SXH- Where are you from and what can you tell us about your hometown?

JC- I grew up in Taiwan, Washington State, and Orange County, California. My family moved around quite a bit growing up. My memories of Taiwan is being in tiny enclosed spaces packed with tons of people. Barely any room to maneuver around. Orange County was quite a bit different, lots of people but also lots of space. Lots of bros driving around in pickup trucks with surfboards in the back and asians with tricked out Hondas and enormous exhaust pipes.

Josh Cochran

SXH- As a kid, what did you want to be growing up?

JC- I’m one of the lucky ones thats always known I would be some sort of artist growing up. I was really into cartoons and comic books and it made sense for me to pursue some sort of career with drawing.

SXH- Who or what do you look at for inspiration?

JC- A short list:

Edward Fella


Jockum Nordstrom

Paul Noble

Ben Shahn

Milton Glaser

William Eggleston

Elvis Studio

Taylor Mckimens

Kanye West


Josh Cochran

SXH- Where’s your studio?

JC- My studio is in Brooklyn. Coincidentally, in an old pencil factory.

SXH- Describe a typical work day:

JC- I come into the studio around 9:00 surf the internet, answer emails, music, invoice for a while, draw for a little bit scan stuff in, color on the computer, lunch, listen to more music, eat lunch, drink tons of coffee back to drawing, read blogs, more computer scanning, wife calls, procrastinate a bit, bicycle home just in time for dinner around 8ish.

SXH- What materials do you usual work in?

JC- I draw with pencil on vellum, sometimes I use brush and ink on paper. Color is done in photoshop with a Wacom tablet. Super simple nothing too complex. Though I highly recommend Tombo B pencils made in Japan.

Josh Cochran

SXH- What is your all time favorite painting?

JC- I work the best early in the morning or late at night. Mid-day is really hard for me to be super productive unless I’m under deadline and in panic mode. Like right now its 11:27am and I’m almost in panic mode.

SXH- What do you do when you’re not making art?

JC- I love riding my bike around Brooklyn one of the best things I’ve discovered recently after moving to New York. I’m not going too fast where I would miss the scenery, and I get the exercise I miss by sitting at my table all day long. I also play post-apocolyptic games on the Xbox 360.

Josh Cochran
SXH- Is there any Artist or Illustrator you would like to collaborate with?

JC- Mike Perry! I’m actually contributing some work for a new book he’s coming out with on silkscreens. And we’ve collaborated previously on some fancy wrappers for hipster chocolate bars in Williamsburg.

SXH- What are you working on now and what’s in the future for you?

JC- I’m currently working on some station commercial bumpers for Nickelodeon, more ads for the Dubai Metro and a few editorial illustrations. I’ve been trying to do some larger scale pieces and hopefully can implement more of that in future projects.

Josh Cochran

SXH- Important non related question here: Sabbath or Zepplin?

JC- Sabbath.

SXH- Coffee or tea?

JC- Coffffeee

Josh Cochran

SXH- Music, talk radio, books on tape or golden silence

JC- Books on tape for mindless coloring stuff, music for everything else.

To see more of Josh’s work, please visit- www.joshcochran.net