The GC-PX10 from JVC is a new Hybrid Camera that allows you to shoot through high-resolution digital stills at 60 frames per second, or progressive Full HD videos from which you can grab the best frame as a digital still, or with 300 fps high-speed recording to slow the action down.

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High-Speed Stills – Just like the motor drive equipped on SLR cameras, this mode allows you to record stills in rapid succession. Enjoy being able to record 8.3 Megapixel stills at 60fps, for up to 130 shots (about 2.1 sec.). Get sharp, crisp images for every split-second of movement. Capture even fast-paced action as high quality digital stills.

High-Precision Progressive Video – Videos are recorded at Full HD 1920×1080, but that’s just part of the story. Progressive video means that each individual frame is a complete, high-resolution picture unlike interlace. And the 36Mbps high sampling rate means each frame image is filled with more image detail. Combined, these factors allow capturing of blur-less still images from recorded video with one-button ease. You just keep rolling, knowing you can always go back and select your hero shot afterwards.

High-Speed Processor – At the heart of GC-PX10 is the FALCONBRID™ imaging engine which provides high-speed processing of large amounts of pixel data for both video and stills. The one-chip design helps to reduce size and energy consumption while optimizing efficiency and speed.

Konica Minolta HD Lens – GC-PX10 uses a new KONICA MINOLTA HD LENS with a 10x optical zoom, and magnifies up to 19x* without any picture degradation thanks to Dynamic Zoom technology.