Earlier this month SlamxHype favorite artist duo Kai and Sunny opened to their first west coast exhibition outside of London at Shepard Fairey’s famed SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS in Los Angeles. As part of the opening both Shepard, Kai and Sunny got together to celebrate this occasion with a collaborative piece that was on display with the entirety of their latest body of work entitled “Caught By the Nest”. The work continues their look at the beauty within the natural patterns and geometry found within our surrounding. As the artist see it “Sunny and I use nature in our work to connect with people, to provoke thoughts and memories. We like the idea of showing something you can’t actually see – and ask bigger questions. We use nature-based images as a metaphor for other feelings.” The work found within “Caught By the Nest” is inspired by the brilliant work of 13 year old autistic writer Naoki Higashid author of the acclaimed piece The Reason I Jump. For those able to check out the massive  exhibition at SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS I encourage you  as the work is on display til Oct 5. The collective has also been made avail through the latest box set from Kai and Sunny as well found on their site.