Kaikai Kiki and Volta Art Fair have announced a special exhibition by Kaikai Kiki Gallery at VOLTA7 in Basel, Switzerland. Spread over two locations, the exhibition will offer guests a wide-ranging mix of art, live entertainment, and charity efforts. This event marks the European debut of a new generation of young Japanese artists, many of whom have received personal mentoring from Takashi Murakami himself.

As a function of this training, the artists were provided space at Kaiki Kiki’s Miyoshi Studio, where they have engaged in an intensive period of production and conscious self-exploration, aimed ultimately at helping each of them discover their own personal voice. The project marks a new phase in Kaikai Kiki’s efforts to promote Japanese art abroad.

In addition to this line-up of new faces, the Gallery will offer works by established artists like Chinatsu Ban,
as well as video installations by the acclaimed ultra-technologist collective Team-Lab. The artwork will be bolstered by live painting and other on-site entertainment from the artists themselves, providing a level of spectacle that is sure to liven up the fair for all.

Lastly, the booth will play host to the latest iteration of Kaikai Kiki’s New Day Charity Project. New Day is an initiative begun by Murakami that encourages artists to contribute works in response to the massive earthquake that recently hit northern Japan. A special installation will be on display, featuring the various artworks that have been received from around the world.

Exhibiting Artists: Chinatsu Ban, Cyon, Gemi, Haruka Makita, JNTHED, Keiko Moritsugu, Keisin, Maelie Makuno, mi, Nishinoda, ob, Peppe, Rei Tanaka, Seira Fukuda, Shikatoko,Team-Lab, Yoshiyasu Tamura

June 13 – June 18, 2011
Dreispitzhalle, Dreispitz Areal, Tor / Gate 13, Helsinki Strasse 5, CH-4142, Münchenstein, Basel, Switzerland