Kaikai Kiki Gallery will exhibit at the Armory Show 2012, from March 8 -11, with an exhibition of contemporary Japanese art.

The booth will showcase work by artist Mahomi Kunikata, known for her psychologically charged images combining the aesthetics of young girl manga with themes of cruelty and self-mutilation that echo the darker traditions of outsider artists such as Henry Darger. Among the pieces on display will be a set of paintings on plastic sushi from the popular “Maho Sushi” series, previously seen at the New York Japan Society’s 2007 exhibition Little Boy: The Arts of Japan’s Exploding Subculture. Other works include a provocative sculpture of a young woman whose body has been grotesquely transformed into a human bicycle.

Along with Kunikata, paintings by Chinatsu Ban, another artist whose work was seen in Little Boy, will also be shown. In addition, the booth will draw from the gallery’s “Artists’ Chamber,” an ongoing project in which emerging artists are provided studio space and personal guidance from Takashi Murakami. Included will be works by ob, Hiruki, JNTHED, Haruka Makita, Suzukazu Suzuki, Hiroaki Sato, and Eri Ohama.

As a whole, the exhibition illuminates the shadows of contemporary Japan and provides a powerful example of the ways in which the aesthetics of Japanese subculture have divorced from their narrative origins and evolved into their own distinctive artistic form.

The Armory Show 2012 – Contemporary/ March 8-11, 2012 / Pier 94 / New York City