As the follow-up to his successful projects Thank You And Your Welcome and Glow in the Dark book, Kanye is making another literary effort. This time Kanye is joining forces with Academy-nominated, famed illustrator Bill Plympton. The book is a graphically illustrated memior of major, life changing events in Kanye’s life. Lyrics from 12 of his most influential songs will be featured and spread out through the books content. Conjoined with illustration Plympton and Kanye help explain the pivotal references behind each song.


Aesthetically the book is not far from the mind warped visuals that Mr. West, so often, gives us like his recent publicly released video short with director Spike Jonze. The book will be available for purchase on Nov 10. divulges that “The result is a one-of-a-kind book that initially grabs you and stays with you forever.” Alluding that this will once again be a Kanye West collectors item.