Honor Fraser will be the site for KAWS’ first ever Los Angeles solo exhibition, which will be opening on February 21. The show, entitled The Long Way Home, will feature new paintings and sculptures by the artist. The exhibition will run through April 4, 2009. Check for more information inside.

Here is an excerpt from the press release.

“Honor Fraser is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new work by KAWS.

The Brooklyn-based artist will be presenting new painting and sculptural work in his first solo show in Los Angeles. KAWS’ technique acts as a sieve of modern culture, filtering and re-contextualizing the images and information that he comes in contact with daily. His process is all encompassing, embracing popular culture and the visual landscape of the familiar. The work can be thought of as an overarching brand; however it is also immediate and organic. This energetic immediacy can be felt in the selection of works that he is presenting.

New large paintings included in the exhibition feature his usual cross-section of familiar cultural icons painted with precise execution. The resulting pieces feature the trademark graphic quality inherent in his work. A large life-size Chum acts as a sentry in the space, watching over the works while also playing with scale and proportion.”