I had a chance to go to the opening of Keiichi Nitta’s I Think Japanese People Should Be More Open opening over at the Constant Gallery in Los Angeles this past Saturday evening, and I must say, the photographs were rather fun with some being totally shocking. It was a nice show all around with some prominent figures from the art and fashion world in attendance. Keiichi Nitta was also on hand at the opening hanging out and enjoying the show’s turnout.

Upon entry to the show, a sign was posted saying that the show was for a mature audience, and for good reason. A majority of the photos are of Keiichi himself posing and having a good time next to religious paintings, or while wearing military garb, to photos of himself donning an Osama bin Laden mask with a revolver pointed at his temple. The photos that earned the “parental advisory” warning, were the ones where subjects were engaging in some very explicit sex acts.

The theme was basically a social commentary on Keiichi’s belief that Japanese people are very much stuck in old ways of thinking and expressing themselves, so Keiichi conveys a message saying that it is more than okay to let loose and horse around. The photos garnered a lot of attention at the show, with people talking about them for a good while out on the street of La Cienega in L.A. Here are some images that I captured of some of the photos on display. Unfortunately, my camera was acting up during the process of uploading them onto my computer, and only some were retrieved. I will hopefully be able to get them soon, so that I can share them with the rest of you. And for those of you in Los Angeles, the exhitibition will be running through September 30th, so make your way over to the Contant Gallery before the show’s expiration date.

Here is an interview our friend Yev conducted with Keiichi Nitta recently here on SlamxHype. Here are more images courtesy of Yevgeniy.