SIGG and the Keith Haring Estate have combined to release a series of limited edition Water Bottles. With health in mind, Water is promoted as the drink of choice, coming with that of course, are the ever growing list of Water Suppliers, and while its enivitable that the people want to cash in on health messages, the growing usage of Plastic disposable Water Bottles is never going to help our disfunctioning environment. Using a recycle, and re-usable Water Bottle is not only better for the environment, but imagine the money you’ll save on all those water bottles each day, it adds up!

SIGG came about for this exact reason, to provide a well crafted Swiss made water bottle, that could stand the test of time, but to reach the market and spread the message, SIGG have delivered numerous different design models, and have collaborated with the likes if Y-S, Hello Kitty and now the Estate of Keith Haring.

The Water Bottles are available at colette along with other stockists around the world.