Kostas Seremetis has created a new body of works comprises of paintings, sculptures, prints, and video all exploding with his trademark superpotent abstract expressionist imagery, for a new exhibition at Fourth Wall Projects entitled “READY…STEADY…GO!”. “I create contemporary fine art using iconic characters from pop culture, from Rock’n’Roll, film, comics and classic cartoons, ” says Seremetis. “I don’t feel paintings are individuals, they feel more like a group or gang… which explains why I repeat icons or images in different mediums and situations, to better amplify the body of work.”

A native son of Boston MA, Seremetis started his art career in local nightclubs and coffee shops in the early nineties (ex: Other Side Cafe, Axis/Avalon).  Semeretis moved to NY in 1996, where he still resides, and held his first New York Solo Show in 1997 (Mary Anthony Gallery). His most recent exhibition was at the Kindergarten Group Show in Modena, Italy alongside Delta, Mode2, Os Gemeos, Tom Sachs, and Futura 2000,  curated by Giorgio de Mitri. Seremetis’s work is coveted and collected worldwide, and he counts some heavyhitters as fans (and customers), such as Ian Astbury of THE CULT, who declared Kostas is “the Rauschenberg of our generation,” and Darren Aronofsky who calls Kostas “an exceptional artist.”

Pieces in the exhibition include a free standing, 9-foot sculpture of 5-point star, made of police barricades, multiple colorful and abstract Mickey Mouse palette-knife paintings; a palette-knife painting mashing Felix The Cat’s face atop the Black Panther; paintings on paper including Captain America masks with skulls! and Batman cowls with plastic fangs!  Eight new “comic book covers series” (editions of 25), each a masterful mashup: Wolverine/Jim Morrison. Wonder Woman/Frida Kahlo. Black Panther/RZA, Master of Kung Fu/Jimi Hendrix and more; and looped on a monitor will be TRILOGY – a visual and aural collage consisting of the Star Wars Trilogy; Seremetis edited this 126 minute film, taking the left third of Star Wars, the middle third of Empire Strikes Back and the right third of Return of the Jedi, synchronizing them to magical effect.