Kostas Seremetis presents his latest works in the format of a film entitled “Trilogy” being shown on March 7th in Morocco. The New Order Issue 3 cover star has brought his unique take on Pop Art to the big screen, and we can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us.

The Cinematheque de Tanger is proud to present a Master Class with participating New York artist, Kostas Seremetis presenting his film “Trilogy”. March 7th 2010 19:30

2009 / 126 mins / by Kostas Seremetis

A moving visual and aural collage consisting of the Star Wars Trilogy, artist Kostas Seremetis edited this 126 minute film, taking the right third of Star Wars, the middle third of Empire Strikes Back and the left third of Return of the Jedi, synchronizing them to dissonant effect. Every frame is a study in Abstract Expressionist Pop art as
this moving collage of the most iconic films of our time moves to the sounds of the three films playing simultaneously. Characters move in and out of portions of the screen, ships and battles appear and disappear melding into one part of the screen from another part while the third portion of the screen portrays a crucial moment of discovery in a character’s development.

This invitation-only screening will be preceded by an introduction by the artist and followed by a discussion of the film.

Stay tuned for coverage and more info on when the film can be seen by the public.