No matter how you feel about Fashion and its purpose in your world, it’s as much about Fantasy as it is anything else, even for those obsessed with Heritage or Authenticity, its the Fantasy of a perfectly created and crafted world that drives you to hunt down the best garments one by one. For others, its the perception of your personality created by what you wear, its the ability to make people, or more importantly yourself, think of you in a particular way. Kris Van Assche has worked alongside the Italian born Illustrator yet again, this time under his own labels direction, and by creating an illustrated ad campaign for the brand.


After the two collaborated so successfully on Dior Homme’s Parisian Boutique Installation earlier in the year, below, (see more here) there’s good reason to think this maybe an ongoing partnership moving forward.


The Italian born, New York based artist has a distinctive style that lends itself so well to ‘Fantasy’, almost in its most obvious story book manner. I can remember spending hours on end scouring through Fashion Illustration Text books as a student constantly thinking to myself “I can’t or won’t do this”, trying to find a way to illustrate clothes that wouldn’t embrace the terrible silhouette dictated to me by my tutors, but still enabling me to create the illusion and fantasy world around the drawings that was needed to showcase my thoughts. If only I had known Andrea Mastrovito.

In my opinion these illustrations work better than photos for the purpose of setting a scene, it’s almost more ‘real’ than a staged set, as its straight from the mind and thoughts of Van Assche and his partner Mastrovito, theres no limitations on what can be shown, just straight Fantasy and vision.

Find out more about Andrea Mastrovito here.

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