Being the first son of legendary Goa trance DJ, Dr Bobby, TIGA spent most of his childhood between trance parties in India and snow in Montreal. He grew up with dreams of DJ stardom. As a teenager TIGA settled into his Montreal life of boringness, craving the balmy Goa parties where his dad reigned supreme. At 15 he began spinning in Montreal’s cooler clubs, bringing the acid house sound to Canada in the 90’s. There weren’t any events like the Goa parties he had attended so TIGA made his own, and later was credited with throwing Canada’s first proper rave. 

After an unsuccessful first attempt at making a record, a cover of Prince’s “when doves cry”, TIGA struck gold the second time around with his mate Jori Hulkkoen with their version of Corey Harts 80’s hit “Sun-glasses at Night”. From then on the sky was the limit for the half Indian half Canadian miniature DJ. Three albums, 35 singles and close to a hundred remixes later, TIGA calls himself a voluntary ambassador of the U.N. and while to this day he and his family reside in Montreal, their hearts reside in Goa. 

ksubi has a history of designing exclusive frames for musicians like Kylie Minogue in her clip “In your Arms”… And more recently, Beyonce Knowles in her forthcoming clip for “Diva”… Also coming soon from ksubi is an eyewear collaboration with Pastelle, Kanye West’s new label due for release February 2009.  For now though, heres an interview between Ksubi’s own Dan Single and TIGA about the frames.


DS: Yo TIGA tell us about your frames 

T: I hate sunglasses, they get between me and the sun…. but if I wore them they would be like the ones I hand-designed for ksubi….the arms are specially engineered to support any ear size, the “glasses” part aren’t even glass, but a hyper-modern plastic lens that rarely falls out and when it does can be popped back into place they are black and absorb heat leaving your nose and face extra cool, they can be folded up for ease of port- ability and they ALMOST can be worn upside down. 

DS: Keep going this is perfect…why did you choose to colab with us? 

T: I chose to work with ksubi because of you Dan & George. Actually, it was when George refused to eat chicken wings in NYC as he told me chickens can scream and when he said chickens can live for weeks with no heads…. THAT was when, in my head, I said “Tiga, THIS is the motherfucker who deserves to make those sunglasses you always wanted to make” Also, when your assistant, SERIOUSLY emailed me back saying frames made of chicken-bones “might not be possible” hahahahahhahaaha. When you told me the first record your friend Maurice bought was pleasure from the bass…. THAT was when I said….I will do my shades with you— honestly. 

DS: What have you been working on lately? 

T: I have been working on my new album, which is almost done. It will be out next year. 

DS: Does it have a name? 

T: My album does not have a name yet…..I would love some help? 

DS: Ok…I have a list of 300 of the worst names ever assembled 

T: Send. 

DS: NO! If that list fell into the wrong hands I would retire 

T: So…you want me to get more serious? How about ksubi made jeans that made me feel like a man. ksubi made jeans that made me remember what it was like to wear clothes. I only work with Australians. I only work with people who sometimes go to work without a shirt on. 


You still there? 

DS: Yes I am amazed, just soaking it in. 

I thought I was quick, you are like a literary machine gun. BAM BAM BAM. What exactly is ‘sunglasses at night’ and how did it come about? 

T: Sunglasses at night is the reason you are even talking to me right now….. its a cover version of an old 80’s pop track that I made with a Finnish friend of mine in 2001….. my first record and it propelled me to global semi-stardom. Since then I can do anything I want! Without ‘Sunglasses At Night’ = Me DJing drum ‘n bass at local clothing stores for jeans. 

With ‘Sunglasses at Night’ = ME DJing on the moon for Chanel VS Halliburton party getting paid in real 

2:15 PM 

DS: You can spell dope ( SIC…now) 

T: Our frames are DOPE. Here is what i think the advantage of my frames are: Cos I never wore a pair of sunglasses in my life…. my design is essentially random… its like they were designed by a lunatic 

D: Never? 

T: OK a few times. Oh shit!!!! 

When I was in Hong Kong with my parents in ‘89 I had a pair of ARMANIS hahahahahahahahahahaha 


They were like almost John Lennon. hahahahahahhHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAH …and my mom bought the same pair 


It dont get more badass than buying Armani’s in the Kong in ‘89 with your mom. You would look good in Armani Dan. 

DS: Oakley Frogskins? 

T: I did have razorblades in the old days but that can stay between us. I always wore a baseball cap, so I guess I made my own shade. 

DS: So that’s heaps. Do you wanna get some rest? 

T: Yeah 

DS: Sleep in your own bed for once? 

T: I gotta do some bullshit interview for Russia…yes, in my own BED 

DS: How many nights a year would you say you are outta town? guestimate? 

T: I think…. one out of three. 

DS: When are we gonna see each other? 

T: We are seeing each other VERY soon. I promise. 

The ksubi for TIGA frames come in four different acetate colours with both sun and optical lenses, and are availale worldwide in March 2009.