KZO and Unholy Matrimony will be linking up again to put forth some great pieces for the Autmn/Winter 2009 season. We have shown you efforts from the two entities in the past, so we are excited to show you the latest from SlamxHype blogger, Joel K., and Brett Westfall of Unholy Matrimony. Four new pieces are offered all with extremely interesting design features: uneven thermal pants with an antiquated design that places buttons around the rear for easy access and what not; tees (which are not pictured, but the graphics featured in the background of these images are used for them); cropped flannel pants that can zip off below the knee; and my personal fave, the flannel that comes with a detachable hood and sleeves. The flannel can also be folded into a pouch to be carried around if need be. Past works from their combined efforts have produced some very high quality pieces, and I am certain these will be no exception.

Unholy Matrimony x KZOUnholy Matrimony x KZOUnholy Matrimony x KZOUnholy Matrimony x KZOUnholy Matrimony x KZO

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