Presented by UNITED ARROWS and BEAUTY & YOUTH UNITED ARROWS, photographer and filmmaker Larry Clark is set to exhibit a series of artwork in a new forthcoming exhibition, succinctly titled, Larry Clark Stuff in Tokyo. Perhaps best known for his debut feature film Kids, Clark was a recipient of the National Endowment for the Arts Photographers Fellowship in 1973 and the Creative Arts Public Service Photographers’ Grant in 1980. He continues to exhibit his artwork worldwide and his work is included in the collections of numerous important museums. Exhibition highlights will include costumes from films Wassup Rockers and Marfa Girl, original posters, polaroid pictures and skateboards.

To coincide with the exhibition, UNITED ARROWS and BEAUTY & YOUTH UNITED ARROWS are also releasing a series of collaborative items with the filmmaker. These items feature graphics from Clark’s photographic series, Tulsa, and the film, Kids, appearing on T-shirts, a cap, tote bag, exhibition book and skate deck.

Larry Clark Stuff in Tokyo opens September 7.