LE FLASH presents a burst of fantastical art and creative performance on the night of October 2nd in the Castleberry Hill district at the edge of Downtown Atlanta. From dusk to midnight, Atlanta expects to be showered with the light and sound of installations, performance art, poetry readings, music, video projections, an iron pour and art happenings of all sorts.

Using light as the theme, LE FLASH centers on interactive installations, projected imagery and illuminated performance. The five-hour event shares a transitory aesthetic with cities around the world that take a night out for art once a year. Paris and Toronto, Tokyo and Berlin are among cultural destinations that light up for Nuit Blanche, a magnetizing city-wide phenomenon that is echoed in LE FLASH.

Curators Cathy Byrd and Stuart Keeler, inventors of LE FLASH, have played on the spatial dynamic of Castleberry, making site-specific use of empty lots and dark streets in ways that capture Atlanta’s largely untapped potential for experimental cultural production.

Artists include Stefani Byrd and Wes Eastin; showing an interactive storefront installation works with sound and video to reverse cultural stereotypes, Danielle Roney; sharing ‘Mission’ where the temporality of place and people is at the heart of ‘Mission’, a nearby Baptist Mission provides respite for the transient citizens whose likenesses appear in the utopian landscape projected onto the corner of a U-Haul building.

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Stefani Byrd and Wes Eastin ‘You Sound Funny When You Smile’


Danielle Roney ‘Mission’