By far one of the most interactive spaces I have ever been in, Levis Photo Workshop on Wooster Street, NYC. Taking place in the old Deitch Projects space, the Levis Photo workshop not only carries plantiful vintage cameras ready to be taken out into the streets and put to good use, they have alos set up color printers, tee shirt screen printing, large format poster printers and a complete studio set up with professional lights and equipment, it is also currently hosting a curated photography exhibition by TinyVices Tim Barber entitled ‘New Work, New York’.

The space is there until mid December and sets out to evolve the space over time hosting a range of photo influenced events such as food photography, music photography, photography book launches and more…

If you are in New York stop by and take advantage of what Levis are offering. Check out our exclusive shots of the space in motion below.

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  1. Minchiller

    this is awesom. we have been here today, it looks very interesting! im going there again.