Till now, you’ve had to be in San Fransisco to take part in the Levi’s Workshops – see our coverage here. Levi’s have opened the doors to anyone in the US now, by taking the workshops online with two different design and heritage inspired contests.

1) Just like jeans, bandanas were first created for function, and then became a symbol of fashion. Paying homage to the old-timey and ever American bandana, Levi’s Workshops invites the public to design their own bandana and submit the artwork on the website for a chance at victory every 2 weeks until the Workshop’s close! Each winner will receive their own originally designed bandana, plus bragging rights to the fact that the Levi’s Workshop will now carry a limited edition of said bandanas…a collector’s item! Check out more details here.

2) Levi’s Workshops are asking the public to submit a message to the workers of America in a concise and eloquent manner. Those that are lucky will have their messages printed on a fancy letterpress in the Workshop, serving as part of a limited edition poster. The grand prize is a trip to San Francisco for two letterpress classes at SF local favorite, San Francisco Center for the Book. Say it loud and proud here!