Levi’s Workshop San Francisco officially opened its doors on July 1st but we got a chance to have a closer look at the space that doubles as a retail store front and community event space. As you may have read in our earlier post, San Francisco’s Mission District is the first location for the workshop that will last eight weeks. Each workshop will focus on a specific craft with this one centering around printmaking. The general public can come by and use the letterpress, silkscreen, and photocopy equipment to make their own print-based creations.

In addition, Levi’s has invited local pioneers such as Craig Newmark and Aaron Rose to work on their own print collaborations. Craig Newmark is the founder of Craiglist and Aaron Rose is of course responsible for the book Beautiful Losers: Contemporary Art and Street Culture.

The cool thing about street culture to me has always been that it has a very DIY-ethic and connects different people and different scenes that are seemingly incompatible. Levi’s doing these workshops is a fun way for the local community to get involved and create something of their own and interact with other creatives local to them. That is a part of our culture was lost for awhile and I’m glad it is slowly coming back.

Over the next few weeks we will be attending the events at the workshop and will be sure to keep you informed. 580 Valencia St. @ 17th if you get the chance everyone should check it out.

A special thank you to Kelsey at Turner PR and Joshua at Levi’s.

Photography: SLAMXHYPE / Chris Lovos

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