The Levi’s® Water<Lessjeans collection is a selection of denim made by using less water during the finishing process, the collection has already helped save millions of liters of water since they were launched in January. Levi’s teamed up with to stage a ‘Water March’ which saw 100 water carriers (each a hauling 5-gallon water container above their head) set out on a 3 mile march around the streets of NYC. The length of the march was to symbolise the distance millions of people in developing nations walk on a daily basis to access clean water. Levi’s has also launched a new, interactive “WaterTank” game today on Facebook which encourages consumers to participate in fun online water-saving challenges. Through this the brand will donate $250,000 to to fund sustainable water programs around the world.

Ways you can be involved:

  • Pledge to wash your jeans less, take shorter showers and adopt better laundry habits
  • Tweet something that contains the waterless hashtag (#waterless)
  • Like the Levi’s® brand on Facebook
  • Check-in to any Levi’s® Store in the United States
  • Challenge friends to play the WaterTank game
  • Answer water related trivia questions online
  • Donate money to
  • Scan a QR code in any Levi’s® Store in the United States
  • Watch a Levi’s® and video online

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