Linder Sterling and Jon Savage: The Secret Public Punk Montages, Photography and Collages 1976-1981 will open on May 10th at Boo-Hooray Gallery in New York. The show, curated by Johan Kugelberg who last year oversaw the first major auction of punk memorabilia at Christies, now he and Jon Savage are now working on a book about punk to be published by Rizzoli, 2011. The exhibition includes original montages and collages, original posters, flyers, handbills, and ephemera from the assembly process, as well as the original publications. Jon Savage will also be DJing at the opening!

Also presented are Jon Savage’s photographs of urban decay in London and Manchester circa 1977/1978, some of which provided the basis for his collages and montages. Also included are photographs taken by Linder at underground transvestite parties in Manchester at the club Mr. Dickens circa 1976.

Jon Savage is the noted author of England’s Dreaming and Teenage. Linder Sterling is a visual, performance and installation artist represented in the Tate’s permanent collection. Savage and Sterling published the art fanzine The Secret Public in Manchester during the first month of 1978. It was the second New Hormones product – catalogue number ORG 2 – after the Buzzcocks’ already iconic Spiral Scratch, and was distributed through Rough Trade, and other independent out-lets. This was followed by the portfolio Mixed Media Montages published in late 1978.

Some of these images originally appeared as flyers and posters for the Buzzcocks, Joy Division, Magazine, and Factory Records circa 1977-1980.

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Boo-Hooray is a pop-up/parasite gallery, curated by Johan Kugelberg that exhibits a handful of times per year It is usually located c/o the Steven Kasher Gallery, 521 West 23rd Street between 10th and 11th Avenues in Manhattan Contact: