Alongside STAGES in New York last week, the LIVESTRONG foundation also auctioned off the 7 art bikes which gained so much attention during the tour de france and the launch of STAGES earlier this year. The bikes which I’m sure you’re familiar with raised a staggering $1.3 million (USD) for the cause, with Damien Hirst’s bike itself fetching $500,000. We have the results below for each bike. I was lucky enough to see all these bikes and even have a play with a few earlier in the year and I can’t stress just how amazing they all are in person.

Damien Hirst Trek Madone
Ending Price: $500,000

damien hirst lance armstrong

Kenny Scharf Trek Equinox TT
Ending Price: $45,000

kenny scharf lance armstrong

Yoshitomo Nara Trek Speed Concept
Ending Price: $200,000

yoshitomo nara lance armstrong

Shepard Fairey Trek Madone
Ending Price: $110,000

shepard fairey lance armstrong

Kaws Trek Madone
Ending Price: $160,000

kaws lance armstrong

Marc Newson Speed Concept
Ending Price: $110,000

marc newson lance armstrong

California 1274 Stolen Bike Speed Concept
Ending Price: $130,000

stolen bike lance armstrong