Regen Projects is pleased to announce an exhibition of work by Liz Larner at the M Building to coincide with Art Basel Miami Beach. This exhibition will present sculptures that continue Larner’sinvestigations into material interaction. Oppositional constructs, specifically those related to materiality, spatiality, and form, are continually examined in the artist’s practice. Her choice of materials (epoxy, tissue, rubber, ceramic, and porcelain) opens up and abstracts the familiar to conspire with the viewer’s sense of fullness and void, presence and absence, expansion and fragmentation. An ever-present tension and noncompliance engenders an art that is visceral, poetic and sublime.

Acknowledging that specific materials “speak” and tend to evoke preconceived ideas, Larner pursues alternatives – intensifying an oscillation between one’s sense of something and the illusion inherent in material ambiguity. Cast rubber is rough and soft; ceramic has a lightness that defies gravity as well as density and weight; tissue creates volume without mass. Larner’s unexpected combinations of color, materials, and structure challenge the idea of form as coherent and self-contained. For Larner, color is an independent three-dimensional element that can modify and reinvent form. In this exhibition, “Planchette” appears black, but upon closer inspection, unveils a multi-layered, hyper-chromatic surface. As with “Planchette,” each work, when experienced from different distances and angles, reveals saturated surfaces that shift, refract, and transform.

Liz Larner’s work navigates the vast and still unexplored possibilities of sculpture’s formal language, which she uses to structure a discourse that is distinctly her own. Larner questions many widely held sculptural conventions including the relationship between volume and mass, the place of the spectator, the role of experience and perception, the question of geometric form, the use of color as a structural element, the use of line and color in space, and the relationship between artwork and the architectural confines of a space.

Made to be approached and reflected upon, Larner’s work requires a negotiation of space. Perception includes, but also goes beyond the visual. It is as important to revere our embodied condition and the complex experience of the physical, as it is to embrace the conceptual pleasure of comprehending emotion through our sensate perception.

“…there is a mutating formal language operative in Larner’s overall oeuvre, one that mobilizes poetic language and mathematics in space to interrogate and re-make it, at the same time as it makes the viewers consider themselves in relation to it. The work of art is as surely the focus as it was in the sculptural tradition before postmodernism, but the work is no longer a separate or fixed object…Larner’s sculptural elements…mutually qualify and converse with each other – they set up a ‘polyogue’ rather than a dialogue, and the viewer participates.”

(Penny Florence. “Outer Space, Embodies Sense. Two Meditations and Then Some (Futures)” in Two or Three or Something: Maria Lassnig, Liz Larner, published by Kunsthaus Graz, Austria, 2006, pp. 77-78)

Born in 1960 in Sacramento and a graduate of Cal Arts, Liz Larner lives and works in Los Angeles.Larner’s work has been the subject of numerous exhibitions throughout Europe and the United States. Survey exhibitions of her work have been held at the Kunsthaus Graz, Austria (2006); the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (2001); the MAK, Austrian Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna (1998); and the Kunsthalle Basel, Basel (1997).

The M Building, formerly the Galerie Perrotin structure, is a unique property located in the Wynwood Art District one block from the Rubell Family Collection. During Art Basel Miami Beach, the M Building will host one design gallery (Chahan Gallery) and six international art galleries (Gavlak Gallery, Kukje Gallery / Tina Kim Gallery, kurimanzutto, Galerie Perrotin, Galerie Eva Presenhuber, Regen Projects). The space affords the same scale as that of neighboring art foundations; however, the modernist architecture, five unique gallery spaces, and lush tropical gardens provide an extraordinary and intimate setting in which to view contemporary art. The M Building provides an unparalleled experience and is an ideal compliment to Art Basel Miami Beach.

M Building / 194 NW 30th Street / Miami / FL 33127 / Tel. (305) 573-2130